Out of the darkness,

We can shine the light.

​In cooperation with the City of Buffalo and Home of the Dome,
September 20th, 2020 the top of the Buffalo skyline will
be lit in lavender purple in support of Tanya's Trot.

Help raise awareness ...

​One LIGHT at a time !

Every evening beginning at dusk, the top of historic Buffalo City Hall

in downtown Buffalo shines brightly, a beacon in the city of light.







Light up your house. Take a picture.

Visit one of these places. Take a picture. 

You can help us fight Epilepsy and raise awareness,
One light at a time ...

Buffalo LIT, the Landmark Illumination Team, a network of
partnering landmark buildings and structures through out
downtown and WNY region will join in this illumination of purple.

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Tanya's Team

Raising Epilepsy awareness, one step at a time